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    UKWF PRO! Access the UK’s most fully featured radar today and you’ll never look back. With the highest resolution rain, lightning, sleet and snow imagery, 5 minute updates and also packed with tonnes of extra features which include; satellite imagery and the option to overlay high resolution forecast data.

SSW bringing much colder weather?

The weather models are now showing potentially much colder weather developing from the east in around 10 days time. The SSW event has occured! There is no better time click the button below to read the latest news.
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Free Weather Radar


Access our high resolution 10 minute weather radar. Overlay rainfall imagery, lightning strikes and precipitation type. Our radar runs at 500m resolution giving great accuracy.

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UK Snow Charts


View the latest UK snow charts. Our snow charts use high resolution data which gives great accuracy. Rain is blue, green is rain/sleet/snow mix and pink/red is snow.

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High res 3km charts


Access our highest resolution weather charts. Our in-house 3KM high resolution NMM model displays 48 hour super high resolutation forecast data in hourly increments.

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Why bother about the weather?

Weather  impacts everything – what we eat, drink and wear; our hobbies; where we go on holiday and how we get there and most importantly business. UKWF pro can help you weather the storm!

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